Palletizing Robots

  • YASKAWA MOTOMAN-MPL160Ⅱ palletizing robot

    YASKAWA MOTOMAN-MPL160Ⅱ palletizing robot

    MOTOMAN-MPL160Ⅱ palletizing robot, 5-axis vertical multi-joints type, maximum loadable mass 160Kg, maximum horizontal elongation 3159mm, with high-speed and stable characteristics. All shafts have low power output, no safety fence is required, and the mechanical equipment is simple. And it uses suitable palletizing long-arm L-axis and U-axis to achieve the largest palletizing range and meet user needs to the greatest extent.

  • Yaskawa palletizing robot MOTOMAN-MPL300Ⅱ

    Yaskawa palletizing robot MOTOMAN-MPL300Ⅱ

    This highly flexible Yaskawa 5-axis palletizing robot can effectively handle loads without affecting speed or performance, and is stable and easy to maintain. It achieves the world’s fastest speed through the application of high-speed low-inertia servo motors and high-end control technology, thereby shortening street shooting time, improving automation efficiency, and creating greater value for users.

  • YASKAWA palletizing robot MPL500Ⅱ

    YASKAWA palletizing robot MPL500Ⅱ

    The YASKAWA palletizing robot MPL500Ⅱ adopts a hollow structure in the robot arm, which avoids interference between cables and realizes zero interference between cables, hardware and peripheral equipment. And the use of long-arm L-axis and U-axis suitable for palletizing realizes the largest palletizing range.

  • YASKAWA palletizing robot MPL800Ⅱ

    YASKAWA palletizing robot MPL800Ⅱ

    The high-speed and high-precision box logistics YASKAWA palletizing robot MPL800Ⅱ uses the long-arm L-axis and U-axis suitable for palletizing to achieve the largest palletizing range. The T-axis central control structure can contain cables to avoid Zero interference of hardware and peripheral equipment. The palletizing software MOTOPAL can be installed, and the teaching programmer can be used to operate the palletizing operation. The palletizing program is automatically generated, the installation time is short, it is convenient to select or switch operations, simple and easy to learn, and improve operation efficiency.

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