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    YASKAWA PAINTING ROBOT MOTOMAN-EPX1250, a small spraying robot with 6-axis vertical multi-joint, the maximum weight is 5Kg, and the maximum range is 1256mm. It is suitable for NX100 control cabinet and is mainly used for spraying, handling and spraying small workpieces, such as mobile phones, reflectors, etc.

  • YASKAWA AUTOMOBIL spraying robot MPX1150

    YASKAWA AUTOMOBIL spraying robot MPX1150

    The automobile spraying robot MPX1150 is suitable for spraying small workpieces. It can carry a maximum mass of 5Kg and a maximum horizontal elongation of 727mm. It can be used for handling and spraying. It is equipped with a miniaturized control cabinet DX200 dedicated for spraying, equipped with a standard teach pendant and an explosion-proof teach pendant that can be used in hazardous areas.

  • Yaskawa Painting Robot Motoman-Mpx1950

    Yaskawa Painting Robot Motoman-Mpx1950

    Yaskawa Painting Robot Motoman-Mpx1950

    This 6-axis vertical multi-joint type has a maximum load of 7Kg and a maximum range of 1450mm. It adopts a hollow and slender arm design, which is very suitable for installing spray equipment nozzles, thereby achieving high-quality and stable spraying.

  • Yaskawa spraying robot MOTOMAN-MPX2600

    Yaskawa spraying robot MOTOMAN-MPX2600

    The Yaskawa Automatic Spraying Robot Mpx2600 Is Equipped With Plugs Everywhere, Which Can Be Matched With Different Equipment Shapes. The Arm Has a Smooth Piping. The Large-Caliber Hollow Arm Is Used To Prevent Interference Of Paint And Air Pipe. The Robot Can Be Installed On The Ground, Wall-Mounted, Or Upside Down To Achieve Flexible Layout. The Correction Of The Joint Position Of The Robot Expands The Effective Range Of Motion, And The Object To Be Painted Can Be Placed Near The Robot.

  • Yaskawa Painting Robot Motoman-Mpx3500

    Yaskawa Painting Robot Motoman-Mpx3500

    The Mpx3500 Spray Coating Robot Has a High Wrist Load Capacity, a Maximum Load Capacity Of 15kg, a Maximum Dynamic Range Of 2700mm, An Easy-To-Use Touch Screen Pendant, High Reliability And Absolute Superior Performance. It Is An Ideal Spray Tool For Auto Body And Parts, As Well As Various Other Applications, Because It Creates a Very Smooth, Consistent Surface Treatment, Efficient Painting And Distribution Applications.

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