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  • Welding Torch Cleaning Station

    Welding Torch Cleaning Station

    Cleaning Device for welding torch


    Brand JSR
    Name welding torch cleaning station
    Device model JS-2000s
    The required air volume about 10L per second
    Program control Pneumatic
    Compressed air sourc Oil-free dry air 6bar
    Weight about 26kg (without base)
    1. The gun cleaning and spraying design at the same position of the gun cleaning and cutting mechanism, the robot only needs-asignal to complete the gun cleaning and fuel injection actions.
    2. Please ensure that the important components of the gun’s wire-cutting mechanism are protected by a high-quality casing to avoid the impact of collision, splash and dust.
    1. Clear the gun
    It can effectively remove welding spatter attached to the nozzle for various robot welding.
    For severe “splash” paste, cleaning also has good results.
    The position of the welding nozzle during the work process is provided by the V-shaped block for precise positioning.
    2. Spray
    The device can spray fine anti-spatter liquid in the nozzle to form a protective film, which effectively reduces the adhesion of welding spatter and prolongs the use time and accessories life.
    The clean environment benefits from the sealed spray space and the remaining oil collection device
    3. Shearing
    The wire cutting device provides accurate and high-quality wire cutting work, removes the residual molten ball at the end of the welding wire, and ensures that the welding has a good starting Arc capability.
    Long service life and high degree of automation.

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